I am not sure that beyond the work of radical poets, I’ve ever seen much mention in literature that a car requires gas, that the gas requires the oil industry, the oil industry requires imperialist war, etc.”

Individual action on climate change is largely meaningless and an idea created by the worlds largest plastic producers.

Fashion production is the second-largest consumer of the world's water.

Fashion produces 10% of all humanity's carbon emissions yearly.

Up to 95% of the textiles that are land filled each year could be recycled.

Just 100 companies responsible for 71% of global emissions.

Forty-two people hold over half the world’s “wealth”.

Fashion is the same shit rehashed all the time.

Our organizing must aim for a balance between two strategic goals. First, we need initiatives to radically transform the social structures of the world to eliminate the systems of oppression like capitalism, imperialism, white supremacy, patriarchy and heterosexism that confine us to states of oppression and exploitation. Second, we need initiatives to transform ourselves and our communities through autonomous, self-reliant institution building, resource maximization, resource development, and community care.

Climate Change

Billions of lives stand to be devastated by climate change. We’re all aware something must be done but feel rightfully unable. Fashion offers a quickly influenced portion of global culture we all take part in.


Clothing only matters as much as it does under each specific context. But the repercussions for its continued production are catastrophic. We can redistribute money already being funnelled towards the top 1% and give it to local networks who are encouraged to create designs that truly stand out and communicate new ideas.

With “thrifting” culture retrending people who still want to “dress up” and challenge the status quo will want representation so a more considered “designed” fashion is required.


People often misunderstand why they dress like they do and what they are saying with it. By becoming more aware of this we can begin to communicate better via the medium.

We need to focus on building things without profit motive but with sustainable community building.

Darners - Mending clothes.
Tailors - Integrating scrap textile/clothing and custom fitting.
Ink Makers - Clean screen printing ink, dyes.
Designers - Creating communicative prints to be screened.
Authors - Creating concepts and wording for designs.
Printers - Printing the designs on the clothing.
Distributors - Getting the clothes to people.


By making used clothing more socially acceptable than new clothes, and working to keep them available and affordable we can actively slow down pollution world wide. We can create community through our work and support of new projects within the new sphere. And we can simultaneously redistribute wealth from concentrated owners to a creative owned and operated local (ideologically global) market.