Nothing here is new.


We can make used clothing so Hot that it’s socially unacceptable to produce “new” textile, upgrading mainstream culture and drastically reducing global pollution.


I am not sure that beyond the work of radical poets, I’ve ever seen much mention in literature that a car requires gas, that the gas requires the oil industry, the oil industry requires imperialist war, etc.”

Fashion produces 10% of humanity's carbon emissions.

Forty-two people hold over half the world’s “wealth”.

Fashion is the same shit over and over.

Our organizing must aim for a balance between two strategic goals. First, we need initiatives to radically transform the social structures of the world to eliminate the systems of oppression like capitalism, imperialism, white supremacy, patriarchy and heterosexism that confine us to states of oppression and exploitation. Second, we need initiatives to transform ourselves and our communities through autonomous, self-reliant institution building, resource maximization, resource development, and community care.

Climate Change

We’re all aware something must be done to prevent the most catastrophic consequences of climate change, but feel powerless to affect anything on a meaningful scale. Fashion offers a quickly influenced portion of global culture we all take part in.


We generally buy new clothes to be social, to be Hot and to get high. We don’t need new clothing production to do this. We need a better culture, hotter designs, and more wearable shit.

People often misunderstand why they dress like they do and what they are saying with it. By becoming more aware of this voice we can begin to communicate more effectively with what we wear.

I beleive the fashion should seek to create tools for communicating vital ideas.


By creating a culture of local clothing redistribution, maintenance and information sharing we can move fashion away from “Look how good I can buy things advertised to me!” or “Look how unlike I am to all the people doing that!” to something less terrifying/hilarious and more thoughtful/inclusive. 

The average person buys new clothes to avoid ridicule, as mainstream culture is maintained to equate poverty with “bad person”. So one buys clothes advertised to them that are cheaply available and “fashionable” (what some company decided they needed to sell more of this month), knowing they are socially acceptable in style (or purposefully not) due to the fashions mass production and mass adoption.

Because meaning is both patterned and nebulous, this isn’t about absolutes. It’s about creating conditions in which a better culture can grow. Don’t blame people for buying new shit, just be mindful of the possibilities available.


People deserve nice things, but what is currently defined as “nice” really means appearing obviously expensive. “Nice” things radiate disdain for the viewer, Nice things radiate empathy. Nice is the breeze through the leaves, the sun on your face.

Because it is not “cost-effective” to use old clothes as raw material, no “fashion” business can or “should”. The only path out of the death spiral is through cultural developments that force capital to change.

The breakthrough of skating is that things are not just what they are made for or what other people say they are, they just simply are. (You’ll note the more conservative the skater, the more likely the only skate park, which is to say predefined fields of play).


By making used clothing more socially acceptable than new clothes within all class levels, and working to keep them available and affordable we can actively slow down global pollution. We can cultivate much-needed community through our work while redistributing concentrated wealth to local communities.
from Latin instaurare "to set up, establish; renew, restore," in Medieval Latin also "to provide, store," from in-"in" + -staurare, from PIE *stau-ro-, suffixed extended form of root sta- "to stand, make or be firm". The meaning "to keep in store for future use" (1550s) probably is a back-formation from store(n.)